Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exploration points = better Explorers?

Exploration points are an intriguing new development, and I'm interested to see how they'll be integrated into game mechanics (in more than just a keep track of your exploration and set your rank on the leaderboard way). It's my hope that one of the associations that will benefit most directly from the introduction of exploration points will be the Explorers.

Explorers have become somewhat less relevant or useful since their two real abilities (estimate location and forage) were genericized, so adding a couple of minor benefits to the association which were tied to the accumulation of exploration points could perhaps serve a few purposes, such as revitalizing the Explorers' Guide, bringing more people into the association, and adding another incentive (along with exploration XP) to people to actually explore the MUD (too many people I know have never even seen Maardryd). Maybe something along the lines of giving an autokeep compass or sextant, a simple spell that replicates the effect of the crystal cubes, an ability or item that adds a boost to the running skill.... Really, there are quite a few interesting possibilities.

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