Monday, May 11, 2009

About the story...

I'm planning the story that I'm writing at the moment (the first few pages of which have appeared here on the blog) to largely follow my character Porphyria around, although it will probably occasionally switch focus to others of my characters. I do sometimes have a pretty short attention span, and from time to time get fixated on how 'cool' something or other would be. For the most part, I do want to keep the narrative of this story fairly focused, but we'll see how that goes.

For the moment, I'm also planning to more or less exclusively use my own PCs, NPCs that appear on the MUD, and other characters I create just for the sake of the story. So for the person who asked in the comments about an Arc crossover, I can only really say that there aren't any plans for one, although I might be open to the possibility, just like I could be open to the possibility of using other peoples' PCs as characters within the story should I get permission to do so.

I do hope that people enjoy the story, and I look forward to working on it.

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